2013 Workshop 'Physiological mechanisms of song learning and production''

Date: 10AM February 4 to 12AM February 5, 2013

Location: University of Southern Denmark Room O77, Campusvej 55, Odense, Denmark

Birdsong has inspired lovers, musicians, poets, naturalists, and scientists throughout human history. This fascination is fueled both by our appreciation of the natural beauty of these acoustic compositions and the intrinsic similarity with our own faculty of speech.

Like human infants, songbirds learn their elaborate vocalizations through imitation learning. This learning process displays many parallels to human speech acquisition and takes place in a neural network dedicated to song learning and production. Over the past decades, songbirds have emerged as a productive model to understand the neural mechanisms that underlie imitative vocal learning. More recently, songbirds have also developed into an important model system to answer some of the most fundamental questions in behavioral neuroscience.

This workshop will present new advances in research areas aiming at uncovering the physiological and neural mechanisms involved in vocal learning in songbirds, from cellular physiology and genetics to behavior.


The final program can be found here.


We will provide poster space and welcome all posters. However, there will be no formal poster session, but ensure there will be time to view posters during coffee breaks and lunch. You are also invited to bring a poster presenting the members of your group.


Please send an email to coen@biology.sdu.dk to register. Registration is free.

Please also mention: 1) how you would like your name to be listed on your badge, 2) if you will bring any poster(s), so we can estimate the necessary poster space.

Registration closes on Wednesday January 23, 2013 at 9.00AM CET


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